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montefin's Bag Of Spinach Halloween Costume

So maybe Natural Selection explains why
you don't see guys who look like Popeye
walking around anymore? - Billyreuben, 2006

Items Needed to Make a
Bag Of Spinach Halloween Costume

this page.

  • 1 piece of lightweight clear plastic sheeting
    approximately 26" X 60" in size
  • 2 rolls of Bright Yellow Duct Tape
  • 1 broad-tipped Green Marker Pen
  • 1 Green Leotard
  • Broad, flat, artifical plant green leaves. Get soft ones without metal or stiff plastic veins.

Where to Shop

Amazon.com lists a 10' X 25' roll of clear plastic sheeting for from $12 to $17. Shop craft stores like Michael's for the Green Marker and artificial leaves. ACE Hardware has the yellow duct tape for about $10. Dance outfitters for the green leotard.

How To Make a Bag Of Spinach Halloween Costume

All measurements are approximate. Size them up or down for your individual size. Be generous with the head and arm openings. You want the costume to be light and airy. Many a Halloween has been hot.

Lay the 26" X 60" clear plastic flat, and cut a 12" diameter hole from the exact middle of the sheet. Keep the cut edge as smooth as possible. To protect your neck, fold 6" strips of the Yellow Duct Tape over the inside edge of the hole. If it doesn't feel smooth enough, go around with another layer of duct tape.

Now you basically have a clear plastic poncho.

While the plastic is still laying flat, run a strip of duct tape from the head hole out along each shoulder. Then create a yellow duct tape border, flush with the edge, along the entire perimeter of the plastic.

Imagine the back and front of the poncho as the front and back of the clear plastic produce bag. Create a large yellow duct tape triangle on the upper left corner of both the back and front sides.

With the Green Marker write the ironic words Natural Selection in the triangle. Be creative with a little skull & cross bones trademark if you like.

Then with more yellow duct tape creat a diagonal stripe below the triangles from lower left to upper right, and write the words Fresh Of Spinach.

Roll the plastic sheet over in half to 26" X 30". About 1' down from the top, start closing the two sides with a net 14" strips of duct tape spaced 3" apart. Overlap the plastic by 2", leaving 10" of free play for the sides. As you go, press some of the green artifical leaves inside against the exposed sticky side of the duct tape to keep it from bunching up.

Put on the Green Leotard and slip the costume over your head. Close the bottom the same way you did the sides with 14" strips of yellow duct tape spaced 3" apart. The bottom should sit comfortably just above your hips.

Now just loosely fill the inside of the "plastic bag" with the broad flat leaves.

You could, if you wanted to, wear a mask marked E, Coli,or carry bacteria shaped pool tubes, or wear a skull cap with ominous pipe cleaner antennae coming out, but that might be gilding the lily.

Effect: The recency of the nationwide Bagged Spinach E. Coli outbreak, coupled with the cosmic irony of the producer's brand name -- Natural Selection indeed! -- makes this a dead on topical costume for Halloween 2006.
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