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montefin's Original Pottery Gallery

Raku fired porcelain bowl<-- Click to see more

Danish White beer stein with red onion glaze.<-- Click to see more

Salt fire vase with sgraffito etched through rutile stain and sharkskin engobe<-- Click to see more

Ceramic pottery holds a distinct position in art. The same ancient clay pots originally made to carry, store, and serve food and drink, now carry, store, and serve the longest, continuous record of human culture.

The oldest known clay pots date back to the 11th millennium BC, during the Japanese Palaeolithic Era at the beginning of the Jomon period, itself named for the characteristic style of its pottery.

Our knowledge of pre-history is based on potsherds -- shards of broken clay vessels crafted by ancient ceramic artisans millenia ago. In the future -- long after plastic, paper, canvas, metal, and architecture have gone to rust and dust -- reconstructed Garfield coffee mugs, old time pottery pickle crocks, Koranic facing tiles from mosques, ornate delft and blue willow china will carry, store, and serve our culture to our distant progeny.

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