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The USS Ça Va has been forced to surface because some nitwit screwed up the Nuclear Reactor and we're running on Clyde - that's submarine for deisel engine, lubbers. You are temporarily promoted to Deckgunner and assigned to the Aft Laser Battery. Now, keep those damn fighters off our tail while I re-activate our Uranium Core, and get this submarine underwater! Instructions below.

Quicky Instructions: Click the night sky or hit your 'S' key to engage the enemy. Use your mouse pointer to put incoming bandits in your cross-hairs. The BSY-4 will light up a target box when a fighter is in your sights, giving the craft's closing speed and range. Click your mouse to FIRE!

If a bandit gets past you, it will fire on the boat. You'll see the flash and feel the shake if we're hit. Watch your shields! - when they go, we go -- down to Davy Jones's Locker.

You can pause the action any time by hitting the 'Pee' key. 'Pee' again to resume. Use the 'M' key to toggle sound on and off -- off speeds you up, unfortunately them too.

I sure hope you have a fast machine, at least 350 MHz, preferably not from Dell. It helps if you have a browser with a JIT (just-in-time) compiler for Java. Even if you hate Billy's guts, Internet Explorer seems to work best.

Good luck and good shooting. Keep us all from drowning and I might even let you sink some enemy ships with missles and torpedoes.

Plank Owner's Tip:For best effect, you may want to maximize your browser window before loading. The subs computerzed Battle Screen uses a script that sets width and height to fit available window area.

Captain's compliments and thanks to the Defense System Designer, Mike Hall.

Click here to come aboard the USS Ça Va, and go on patrol with the rest of the crew.

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