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Huge Salt Glaze Ceramic Pottery Soup Tureen, Lid, Ladle, and Bowls set.

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Salt Glaze
Soup Tureen, Lid,
Ladle & Bowl Set

I deprecated this 9 1/2" high, 12" wide tureen as "The Pig Pot" when I first threw it on the wheel. It was big, robust, and, I thought, rather ugly. But, Paul's surprise salt glaze firing turned the tureen, the nine bowls (six shown) and the ladle into sooty, smokey, sparkling jewels. I'd like to take inordinate pride in these pots, but a little James Carville voice drawls "It's the salt, stupid." into my mind's ear.

Again, there is no glaze on the outside, just the effects of the salt and swipes of rutile. A clear glaze was brushed onto the inside of the tureen to make it easy to clean.

Something extra magical happened to the bowls in the kiln. The rutile around the lips broke into pearly blue opalescence, running down into fiery rusty red tongues tipped in tan. You can see a close-up of one of the bowls by clicking here.

I've served Bouillabaisse for nine from this set, with enough left over for seconds.

Status: still in the potter's personal collection and most likely to remain there forever. I know it sounds superstitious, but certain pots just make food taste better and this is one of them.

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