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Salt Glazed Ceramic Pottery Kitchen Colander.

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Salt Glaze Colander

One evening back in Tucson, after making myself spaghetti for dinner, an artist friend dropped by. She asked me if I'd entered any of my pottery into the Arizona Biennial. I asked her what that was and she said a very toughly juried exhibition put on by the Tucson Museum of Art every two years.

I said, no I hadn't. She said I should. So I told her some pieces were out drying in the dish rack in the kitchen. She could enter them for me if she wanted.

Two weeks later when I got a postcard saying this salt glazedcolander was accepted, I thought nothing of it. Until, I heard all my painter, potter and sculptor friends complaining that nothing of theirs was accepted. I figured I'd just keep quiet.

Believe me, when you see something you've made, in a museum, on a pedestal, with one of those little bevel-cut cards with your name on it, in a real museum exhibition, for the first time! The feeling is extraordinary.

And, yours is the only piece of functional pottery in the whole show! Oh, my gosh!

At the show, when a friend said, "Don't let it go to your head, Kevin." I told her, "Take a look around the back of it."

There was still a little piece of dried spaghetti coming out one of the holes.

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Status: still in the potter's personal collection and much in use.

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